If you’re reading this post I’m going to go out on a limb, and assume you are a fan of our swear word cards.

I am too, obviously.

However, we both know not everyone is as sweary as us, and not every situation is suited for them.

While our sleek and sassy cards have a touch of sophistication that can make even the boldest swear words feel elegant, but there are still things you should keep in mind.

In order to avoid pissing someone off or unintentionally offending a loved one, here are 5 things to consider before you slide that little sweary card in the outgoing mail slot.

1. Know Your Recipient

Before selecting a card, consider the personality, sense of humor, and overall vibe of the person you’re sending it to. Make sure the message aligns with their style and won’t offend them.

Are they the type who throws around a few “fucks” in conversation? Or do they prefer their humor on the cleaner side?

Knowing your recipient is important so you can also choose the right swear words to use. If I know that my recipient is OK with saying shit but not fuck, I will stick to a card that doesn’t include the f-bomb like our Holy Shit 7x Card. You don’t want to piss someone off when you are trying to be nice. Remember, we’re here to build and nurture relationships, not blow them up by being distasteful.

2. Your Relationship + Generation Gap

The closer you are to someone, the more likely they’ll appreciate your edgy humor. A best friend, sibling, or spouse might love a card that says, “You’re Fucking Awesome,” but an acquaintance or distant relative might not. Gauge the level of closeness and shared humor before you hit send.

Also, different generations have different thresholds for what they find funny or offensive. You wouldn’t send your aunt a card that says, “Happy Fucking Birthday,” unless you know for sure she’s the kind of aunt who’d laugh her ass off and text you back a high-five emoji saying “that’s the best fucking birthday card ever!” Always keep in mind the age and generational attitudes of your recipient.

3. Your Written Message

If you’re on the fence about whether a card might be too much, add an inside joke or personal note to provide context.

A handwritten message that says, “I saw this card and thought of you—hope it makes you laugh too!” can go a long way in softening any potential offense.

This makes the card more meaningful and shows you put thought into it. They feel the card was chosen with care not just because of the cool swear words.

4. The Occasion

Sending a card with swear words can be hilarious and heartfelt, but there are moments when it’s just not the right move. For instance, they might not land well when someone is mourning a loss. Hold the swears here. Reserve them for situations where a touch of adult humor is appreciated, like birthdays, promotions, or celebrations, encouragement, or just because.

5. The Setting + Who Else Might See the Card

Congratulating a newly engaged couple? Maybe use the swear words cards BEFORE the wedding for the bachelorette party, especially if the new couple might open cards in front of small children, their parents, and other relatives you’re not close with.

No matter the occasion, you need to consider if your recipient has young children who are reading and regurgitating everything they see.

If your recipient is opening the card in a work setting where swear words are unsure to be welcomed, you better sparkle on the side of caution. Unless you’re absolutely certain your boss or colleagues appreciate a good use of the f-word, reserve those cards for your friends and family. “You’re Fucking Awesome” might get a laugh from your BFF or a sibling, but could get you in trouble at work.

Remember these 5 things next time you get ready to send a swear word card. It’s all about pairing sass with sincerity, striking balance between being edgy and respectful, AND knowing when to hold back on the swearing.

When swear words aren’t the right fit or if you’re in doubt, choose one of our cards with a lower sass rating … you can shop by Sass Rating here on our website.

3 hearts =  all the swears and sass.

1 heart = swear free, mild, sweet, safe for all the things.

Stock up on a few cards in each rating keep the right cards ready to send at all times.

Stay sparkly, stay fabulous, and happy card writing.