So sleek, so rich, so dark and sultry… yes, we are talking about our black cards! We love how modern, edgy, and stylish they look, especially when written on with white ink. But, what is the best white pen to use? We get this question a lot when people ask about writing on our black cards, so here are our top 2 favorites.


These are a favorite because of the smooth flow and the opaqueness of the white ink. We love that these come in 3 weights (05 light / 08 medium / 10 bold) and are available at most of your local craft stores and on Amazon here.

They do lose some consistency in the ink flow, but you can generally fill in the lighter areas easily by going back over the line with a light stroke. Also, you will need to make a couple of initial strokes or doodle on a scrap paper to get the ink flowing when you first start writing.

WHAT WE LOVE: With their low cost, you can easily keep a few of these around and toss them when they get older or if the ink won’t flow easily.



For a slightly bolder painterly look, we recommend the White Pen-Touch Paint Pen with the Extra Fine .7mm nib. This pen is also mostly available in craft/hobby stores, and you can buy them here at Amazon. These also have a nice opaque white to contrast our black cards and envelopes.

For new pens, you’ll need to release some air pressure — follow the instructions on the barrel. It is recommended to store these on their side and I give them a few gently shakes before each use. The in the paint has some tendency to run a little from the nib so you may find that you’ll need to blot the tip on a scrap paper to remove excess paint before writing on your cards.

WHAT WE LOVE: As a paint based pen so you can see the variations in the strokes, especially at the ends and where you hold the pen longer. We love the modern hand brushed effect this pen gives!