The holidays are coming and that means searching for gifts, not only for friends and family, but for your remote office mates too! How many times have you tried finding that perfect gift for your gift exchange that is useful, and memorable… and $35 or less?!


Between myself and my husband, we have two home offices where we each run our businesses, which means we have a lot of gadgets that are battery powered.

We have at least 3 of these sets in our household an with the amount of battery powered tech we use, including: computer mice, remotes, battery backup systems, soap dispensers, etc..

Before we got these rechargeable batteries were going through the Costco jumbo size packs of batteries every other month, so these actually save us quite a bit of money over the year, while being a more eco-friendly household and business.

WHERE TO BUY: Amazon – currently on prime for $25

SUMMARY: Useful, techy, eco-friendly, saves money


Seriously we would be lost without The List! We use ours for everything business and home related too: Groceries, Costco list, Home Depot, business tasks, house chores… if you can list it we use these for it!

The List Pads come in a convenient 3-Pack so you can put on in your car, one in your home office, and one in your kitchen!

We make these here at the studio using FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council) papers, which means that they are eco-friendly and help protect our forests.

WHERE TO BUY: Right here in our online shop for $9.50 – Also available: The Shit List

SUMMARY: Useful, eco-friendly, multipurpose


So chic and stylish, Sugar Paper’s white and gold Swingline stapler is a staple (pun intended) for any classy professional lady’s desk.

  • Metal construction holds up to wear and tear
  • 20 sheet stapling capacity
  • Stapler opens for tacking and anvil rotates for pinning
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty

WHERE TO BUY: Target online and in stores for only $18.99

SUMMARY: Stylish, useful, classy


Office tool? You might be wondering WTF a laser level is doing in this list of desk and office gifts, but read on my friends.

My laser level is my secret weapon for addressing envelopes and writing cards, making it the perfect gift for your card loving friends. This is the tool everyone must have to prevent uphill or downhill handwriting.

Dual purpose your laser mouse to hand art on the walls, or to give your cat something to chase.

WHERE TO BUY: Amazon $17.50

SUMMARY: Useful, multipurpose


Beautiful even light for zoom calls, FaceTime, and more! This ring light phone stand combo would make a great gift for any of your friends/co workers who chat over video or go live on video calls or social as a blogger, makeup artist, etc.

I have one of these on my desk for FaceTime calls and 90% of the time the person on the other side comments on how nice the video quality looks with this light on.

WHERE TO BUY: Amazon $33

SUMMARY: Useful, multipurpose, makes you look good

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