Want to celebrate the Galentine’s Day with your besties, but can’t get together IRL? You can still have fun and meaningful celebration by getting a little creative on Zoom or FaceTime.

If decorating is your thing, go all out with heart themed decorations like xoxo + heart garland, or a funky heart backdrop for your background!

Whether you decide to decorate or not, here are 6 fun ideas to virtually celebrate Galentines:

1. Zoom Dinner Date

Pretend that you are going to your favorite Thai restaurant, or sushi, or what ever you faves are. Decide on the type of food you’ll eat, then both of you order the same type of food from your local restaurant and eat together over over a video call.

Not the eating out type, no problem — choose a recipe that you can both cook together instead.

2. Virtual Dance Party

Make a mix tape (well that just dated me)… make a spotify playlist with hours of music that you and your gals love to dance to. Get dolled up, set up your zoom, and dance the night away.

If you want to take it up a notch and have a bunch of gals you want to shimmy and shake it with, hire a DJ to mix it up for you.

3. Virtual Drinks

Sip on your favorite drinks together! Or if you’re looking for a little something new, each of you choose a fun looking cocktail recipe to try making. Both of you can get the ingredients, mix, and cheers over zoom as you chat the night away.

4. Virtual Shopping

If you and your galentine love to do shopping dates in person, you can try a shopping date online! You can go to the same websites and pick things out for each other, ask if she thinks that color will work for you, and let you know if you really need that cute pair of shoes.

Order a few of your fave things and schedule a time when everything arrives to do a virtual fashion show. Then you can tell each other to say yes to the vest, or if that dress makes your ass look too big.

5. Virtual Crafting

Crafting parties and champagne your thing? Take it online by crafting over Zoom. Decide on a project you can both make, or each do your own thing as you sip on the bubs. If you complete your craft do a little showcase at the end, and hey, maybe you can even gift each other the thing you made as a memento.

6. Mail Galentine’s Day Cards

Send cards to each other then read them to each other on FaceTime or Zoom. You can have fun with a little poem to start it off: “Roses are red, violets are blue, Galentine’s Day is f*cking awesome since I get to hang with you!”

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Too late to get your card in the mail? Write the card anyway to read on zoom, then put it in the mail afterwards.

Looking for some Galentine’s Day Cards? Here are a few you might like: